artist statement

The familiar world is restless ground for my mind, leading me to producer art through autonomic exploration. This subconscious process makes odd suggestions and multiple meaning through unexpected forms, and makes creativity an enjoyably surprising act (even for myself) that in turn seems to produce continual spontaneity.

Saying this, I do recognize leading constants within my work (both new and old, as well as materials and thought) such as-- transparency and overlay with the seen and the unseen, studies of utilitarian shapes that cohere or fight biological fluidities, the randomness and abstraction of form or pattern, and unexpected surrealistic visions that sometimes create wry humor and sensuous suggestion...

Regarding interpretations...? Perhaps importance lies within the moments art takes shape -- when do we accept learning in regards to interpreting and/or accepting the next curiosity? To what degree do we mix and match existing information... and how does this influence where the next gaze falls? While I may ultimately name an artwork based on any of those questions, the viewer is welcome to interpret it quite differently, which in turn nurtures future vision.